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Learning to go Live

“Let’s go through and do a sound check,” the eight simple words which caused me to become a little hot under the collar. You see, I’d been on camera before, as part of video creation at my place of work, however this time it was LIVE. When involved with digital media up until this point,Continue reading “Learning to go Live”

Dining with Authors (real ones)

As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, being shortlisted for Lancashire Book of the Year 2019 with my debut novel, The Disappearance of Timothy Dawson, was one of my proudest moments to date. A boy born and bred in little old Blackpool, self-publishing his first book to accomplish a speckle of a pipe dream, gettingContinue reading “Dining with Authors (real ones)”

Depression: you wear it well

November 4th 2019: As usual that morning I had a drawn out battle with myself. My mind was telling me to turn around as I walked into work; to run away. But my body, as well trained as it now was, chose to ignore those thoughts and whistled a nonsense tune, auto-piloted me through theContinue reading “Depression: you wear it well”

Composing an Author Bio

To the narcissists amongst us this may come as a surprise, but the vast majority of us don’t usually like talking about ourselves. Therefore, the thought of selling yourself on a page of A4 paper feels somewhat awkward. So when my friend, Tony Higginson, suggested I write an Author Bio to accompany my work andContinue reading “Composing an Author Bio”

The Book Lounge

Nothing quite beats the smell of a book shop. I’m not talking about your mainstream Waterstones or your multi-purpose WH Smith’s. I’m talking about your independent book stores, oozing character, shelves stacked with endless possibilities. The Book Lounge in Kirkby Lonsdale fits that brief to a tee. It sits neatly on Main Street in theContinue reading “The Book Lounge”

Back to School

My first Author Visit to Saint Bede’s High School… The scene was set. I perched upon the edge of the stage in the hall at Saint Bede’s High School, Lytham, as the hordes of onlooking year 9 pupils entered the assembly hall. As a youth worker who had visited schools countless times over the lastContinue reading “Back to School”