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The Disappearance of Timothy Dawson

The first copy of my debut novel arriving – a proud moment

The Disappearance of Timothy Dawson is the first book in the Granville Series and it is my debut novel. It’s currently 4.9/5 stars on amazon uk after 41 reviews.

“If you want your teens to read books, they need more like this. It’s up there with Kes and Billy Liar, in keeping with style and content”

Tony Higginson

It was released in April 2018 and went on to be shortlisted for the prestigious Lancashire Book of the Year 2019, a feat of which I am extremely proud.

You can find out about the book by reading the blurb below, or hit this link to take you through to amazon uk. The book is available across many other countries via amazon too.

“The Disappearance of Timothy Dawson will have you hooked from the first page to the last.”

Amazon Review


If you were searching for answers about the mysterious disappearance of your father, but were warned that pulling at that thread would put you in grave danger… would you pull at it anyway?

A turbulent seaside town holds a dark secret. Terror reigns in the form of drug king pin, Smiler, whose core business is to exploit the vulnerable. Hope is all but non existent.

Tommy Dawson has believed for most of his life that his dad, Timothy, ran out on him when he was just two years old, leaving him to grow up in survival mode with his mum and brother, who had become more focussed on their own drug habits than his welfare.

That’s until a chance meeting with an important town figure on a visit to Tommy’s school, who reveals information which suggests that his father’s disappearance isn’t all it seems.

Tommy and his best friend, Kirsten, embark upon a quest to uncover the truth, taking them to the darkest corners of Granville and uncovering shocking secrets that will reveal the town’s disturbing underbelly.

The Disappearance of Timothy Dawson is a Young Adult fiction, with dark themes that expose sinister secrets. It takes place in a poor, forgotten seaside town in the north of England, called Granville-upon-sea, a place that was once glorious is now rife with drugs and poverty.

The story is a coming of age mystery, following the journey of Tommy, a likeable chap that’s been dealt an unfair hand in life. His mum and brother are addicts and he is left for the most part to fend for himself. The mystery of his father’s whereabouts hadn’t bothered him at all until, bit by bit, information surfaces suggesting maybe his dad didn’t just leave them after all. As the story unfurls, the plot takes a dark turn and Tommy, along with his friends, must face evil head on in order to expose the truth.

“A gritty mystery that’ll knock your socks off! Kept me guessing until the very end.”

Beth Moorcroft

“Gripping, intense, sinister and mystifying!”

Dane Windle

*Please note: story contains occasional explicit language and some adult themes with references to drugs and sexual abuse, but is without graphic detail.

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