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Composing an Author Bio

To the narcissists amongst us this may come as a surprise, but the vast majority of us don’t usually like talking about ourselves. Therefore, the thought of selling yourself on a page of A4 paper feels somewhat awkward. So when my friend, Tony Higginson, suggested I write an Author Bio to accompany my work andContinue reading “Composing an Author Bio”

The Book Lounge

Nothing quite beats the smell of a book shop. I’m not talking about your mainstream Waterstones or your multi-purpose WH Smith’s. I’m talking about your independent book stores, oozing character, shelves stacked with endless possibilities. The Book Lounge in Kirkby Lonsdale fits that brief to a tee. It sits neatly on Main Street in theContinue reading “The Book Lounge”

Back to School

My first Author Visit to Saint Bede’s High School… The scene was set. I perched upon the edge of the stage in the hall at Saint Bede’s High School, Lytham, as the hordes of onlooking year 9 pupils entered the assembly hall. As a youth worker who had visited schools countless times over the lastContinue reading “Back to School”